This January we have decided to take meat off the menu. We will be serving up an array of veggie and vegan breakfasts, brunches, lunches and cake all month, to give the plant a break after the indulgences of the festive season. We’ll be changing our lunch specials around weekly to make the most of the huge variety of veggie and vegan dishes we’ve got to offer – and to (hopefully) try and persuade a few steadfast carnivores that there are some incredible ways to enjoy meat-free food. Even if not eating meat isn’t going to be your long term choice, giving it a miss every now and then will help to reduce your carbon footprint, and we’d like to encourage you by inspiring you with some delicious ways to enjoy veggie and vegan food.

As well as taking meat off the menu for a few weeks, you may have noticed that we’ve given our old friend avocado a wide birth for a few months now, filling its place in our beloved brunch rolls with the more sustainable, seasonal and locally sourced alternative of roasted seasonal squash. We slipped under the radar with our plans initially to see what you’d all think before committing, but we’re delighted to say that the change has been met with an incredible response from even the most die-hard of brunch roll fans, and so we’ve made the decision to take avocado off the menu for good. Although this may be sad -because who doesn’t LOVE a bit of avocado toast nowadays – saying no to avocados feels like the right thing to do for so many reasons; The air miles they use to transport them to the UK, the horrific conditions many avocado plant workers around the world have to work in to keep up with our Western fad-culture, and the damage to the habitats of many species of animals being destroyed by the farming of avocados, makes it seem a more than worthy sacrifice.

We hope you’ll support us in our endeavours to go the extra mile for the planet and come and try something new this January. Click here to see what’s on the menu this week.

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