Post-Lockdown Life

Honey staff in their bee masks

As we continue on our journey through these unchartered waters I wanted to re-focus on mental health – an issue that has been in the foreground of life for us at The Honey Pot for a long time – and one that is creeping in on others lives for the first time or in new or different ways as a result of the challenges we have faced over the past few months.

Since we’ve opened up our doors again, first for takeaway and then to sit in customers, it’s been so busy, and the support we’ve received from both returning and new customers has been incredible! But with COVID restrictions meaning childcare facilities have been closed or running with limited access, it has been a constant juggling act – and although we were fortunate enough to have incredible support at home, it has proved physically and mentally exhausting!

So Rosa and I have taken a little break over the weekend to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful space that we so longed for during lockdown – and it has done us the world of good.

To those customers who have been disappointed that we are not currently open longer hours – we thank you for your concern and wish we could be there for you more but please bear with us!

Our menu may not have all your favourites this year but we are confident there will be something for everyone – and please drop us a message or let us know if there are any personal favourites you’d like to see on the specials and we’ll always try to incorporate them if we possibly can!

Your patience is greatly appreciated as this is a slow process for lots of us for many different reasons and we are getting there! Slow and steady wins the race.

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